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Recent article/post for my clients, originally posted on the Activate Body Facebook page. If you’re not already following us, you should! In any case, a quick recap of an article about alcohol and its effects on weight-training. An interesting, yet vastly misunderstood topic among fitness professionals, athletes, health enthusiasts, and those embarking on wellness journeys alike … Enjoy! 


In the fitness industry, alcohol is a controversial topic for many professionals and those working towards both long- and short-term wellness goals. Some say absolutely not. Some say save it for cheat meals. Some say … Okay, we don’t really care what everyone else says.

At Activate Body, our mission is to help YOU achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. If that means having a glass of wine with dinner every night? Then by all means, we will create a plan to accommodate those needs.

In any case, surrounding all the controversy about alcohol and both performance and physique goals, we found a great article about just how alcohol effects lifter’s bodies. The full article can be seen here:, but we have the “Take Aways” below:

— Alcohol isn’t as much a fat storer as it is a fat burning suppressor. 
— Heavy drinking has a tendency to slow, even eliminate protein synthesis and recovery from training. 
— When including alcohol at meals, avoid carbs and fat. Stick to protein and veggies. 
— Stick with beer and white wine if you can, they seem to have a better impact on appetite. 
— Avoid mixed drinks. The alcohol plus sugar means you’ll likely store the sugar AND drink more. 
— The best time to consume alcohol would be right after weight training, not cardio. Intake should still stay under 1g/kg. 
— It’s all about balance! As long as you’re doing most other things right and not drinking into oblivion nightly, you’ll avoid massive hormone issues.

#TransformationTuesday post-hike grub as close to plan as I could get considering my very unique circumstances (sense my sarcasm?) … Top L: sautéed onions & ham with chopped cherry tomatoes from the garden. Top R: With three organic dippy eggs added. Bottom L: Nom nom nom 😂😂😂. Bottom R: #goodmorning #fitfam #fitness #fitnesscoach #hike #health #home #nutrition #npc #wellness #whatsbeautiful #iwill #ig_fit #iamenough #iwillwhatiwant

#RP & wise words from @samanthaannleete … Think about how we never TRULY see ourselves. We see ourselves in situations where we aren’t being 100% #TRUE … Almost every picture we take, or pause in the mirror we absorb, is staged, posed, borderline fake. We don’t see ourselves during our moments of utter bliss, tear-inducing hilarity, or thoughtful contemplation. Why? Cause in a way those moments and those looks are sacred. If someone captured them, we’d feel a bit vulnerable. I mean, I would. So next time you’re about to tear yourself apart … Remember that your idea of what you look like, is so very different from what you actually look like. In a beautifully fantastic way. #fitness #health #wellness #proud #iwill #whatsbeautiful #bodybuilding #love #selflove #reasonforrisa #iamenough #athlete #athleete

So I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore italian food. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy for a semester and let’s just say I enjoyed the fare. 

Unfortunately, italian doesn’t align very well with my current keto diet. But have no fear! Zucchini Crust Pizza is here! It’s a rather saucy alternative to regular pizza, but without the guilt. My co-worker Noelle provided me with the recipe, and it looked so amazing, I HAD to share!


  • 4 C zucchini, shredded (about 4-5 large zucchini)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 C 2% mozzarella, shredded
  • 1/4 C grated parmesan
  • 1 tsp oregano or Italian seasoning
  • Salt & pepper to taste

1.) Microwave the shredded zucchini on high for 6 minutes and let cool a bit. 

2.) Place the cooled zucchini it in a tea towel and squeeze as much moisture out as you can. The more the better. Do not use paper towels. Any residue or staining on the towel will come out in the wash. 

3.) Mix the zucchini, egg, mozzarella, parmesan, oregano, salt and pepper.

4.) Then press the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking stone or cookie sheet. Use another piece of parchment on top of the zucchini and use a rolling pin or your hands to press to a round or rectangular shape. Ideally the zucchini layer should be thin. Toss the top parchment sheet prior to baking.

5.) Bake in a 450o preheated oven until lightly golden brown, about 15-20 minutes. If you want a crispier crust, bake 25 minutes.

6.) Pull from oven when ready and allow to cool a bit.

7.) Once crust is cooled, top with sauce, cheese, and other toppings. Bake or broil until cheese melts and toppings are cooked through a bit, 6-10 minutes.

8.) Cut into wedges or squares and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 374
Fat: 21.6 g (Saturated 10.9 g, Trans 0)
Carbs: 15.6 g (Fiber 4.8 g, Sugars 12.4 g)
Protein: 32 g
**Facts are for the entire crust and do not account for sauce and toppings.

"I had this idea that muscular isn’t feminine. There is this image of athletic women as small and petite — the yoga body type. Women in general, we tend to shrink ourselves and not have as much confidence as we should in presenting ourselves and our body types. It’s okay to be fit and healthy and comfortable within your body, whatever frame you have."

Hilary GAINED 15 pounds for her Olympic debut and has, ever since, continued to be an advocate for strong women everywhere, working to shatter the inclination that muscular isn’t feminine.

For this, #hilaryknight is my #wcw #womancrushwednesday … For being the ultimate #alphafemale #athlete

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Transform your mindset. #RP from @purepharma #transformationtuesday #fitfam #fitness #fitlife #tuesday #health #wellness #mindset #iwill #whatsbeautiful #inspiration #igers #iamenough #motivation #bodybuilding #betruetoyou

The struggle is real … #postlegday #doms #fitness #health #nutrition #npc #shesquats #igers #ig_fit #iamenough #inspiration #motivation #bodybuilding

A few eats from the day … One more meal and it’s bedtime!! Sooo happy I’m prepped and ready for another long 14-hr day tomorrow. Meals ready. Vitamins ready. I’ve got goals, and I’ll be damned if I don’t reach them. I already feel like my bras fit better and my face has thinned out … #progress #daybyday #prepareorfail #fitness #health #nutrition #goals #gains #bodybuilding #npc

#rp from @mrscharlie_rubish … Doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go, just that you don’t stop. Keep those goals—those dreams—in your sites, & don’t stop moving forward.

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